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Platform Feature List

An overview of the platform features.

Patrik Hansson, September 27, 2019
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Feature Overview

Client Portal

  • White-labeling
  • Prospect and acquisition tool
  • Account access
  • Digital reporting
  • Asset consolidation
  • Advisor communication
  • Trade approval (advisory mandates)
  • Swiss tax reporting

Advisor Portal

  • Client dashboard
  • Client onboarding
  • Portfolio customization
  • Client communication and meeting notes
  • Trade recommendations
  • Trade execution
  • Trade reconciliation
  • Portfolio Health-Check / Rebalancing

Investment Cockpit

  • Control: Model portfolios
  • Control: Product universe
  • Control: Risk profiling
  • Compliance checks and audit trails

Client Portal


The client portal can be customized to incorporate your company’s brand. Standard customization includes the company logo and primary colors. Further customization also changes the URL shown in the browser to incorporate the company name.

Prospect and acquisition tool

An online onboarding process can be started via a link that can be placed on your company’s website. Via this link, a new client can set their investment profile and register with their email address. After the registration, a message is sent to the company’s client advisors to contact the new prospect to discuss the next steps.

Account access

Via the Client Portal, the client can access all accounts (consolidated and sub-accounts). The client portal is protected b by 2-factor-authentication.

Digital reporting

For each account, the client can access portfolio holdings, performance calculations, transactions and cash flows.

Asset consolidation

Asset consolidation is provided with WealthArc’s consolidation tool. Through this tool, it is possible to connect client accounts automatically from over 35 custody banks.

Advisor communication

The client can access messages sent by the advisor such as trade recommendations, market updates and performance reports. Clients are notified by E-mail as new messages appear in the portal.

Trade approval (advisory mandates)

In the client portal, it is also possible for the client to approve trade recommendations from the client advisor. These recommendations can be created by the advisor as described below after which the client is notified and can log in to approve the trades.

Before any trade is approved the indicative cost and portfolio impact of this trade must be approved. Indicative costs are customizable and depend on the specific bank relationship you have with each custody bank.

Swiss tax reporting

After all official tax NAVs and prices have been reported by the Swiss authorities the platform generates a Swiss tax report for each sub-account of the client. The reports are automatically made available in the e-banking portal.

Advisor Portal

Client dashboard

Via the client dashboard, the advisor can access all clients and prospects as well as new trading instructions. For each account it is possible to make trades and recommendations, view holdings, performance, transactions as well as communicate with the client.

Client onboarding

The platform provides an online onboarding process that can be used by the advisor on a tablet or laptop with or without the client at the side. Account opening with custody banks is not provided in the platform and must follow the standard internal processes.

Portfolio customization

The asset allocation of the client can be customized. Markets can be added or removed, and weights can be changed to fit the client’s needs. Real-time suitability checks against the client’s risk profile are performed as changes are made.

Client communication and meeting notes

The platform provides a communication channel from the advisor to the client where the advisor can send research notes, year-end updates, trade recommendations (see below), etc. The client will automatically be sent an email notification saying that a new message is available in the platform.

Like communication messages, the advisor can store meeting notes that only are visible to the advisor.

Trade recommendations

The advisor can simulate trades with pre-trade impact calculations on a client’s account. Suitability checks are performed in real-time to help the advisor to make informed decisions and ensure that all regulatory requirements are satisfied.

Advisors can then send a trade recommendation to the client. A trade recommendation is a portfolio simulation and a message sent to the client to approve or decline the simulation.

Trade execution

Trade instructions appear in the advisor’s client dashboard and an email notification is sent to the advisor as new trades appear. Trades must then be executed via the standard internal processes with the respective custody bank.

Trade reconciliation

As an executed trade appears in the client’s account an email notification is sent to the advisor to confirm that the trade can be reconciled. The trade reconciliation can be confirmed in the client dashboard.

Portfolio Health-Check / Rebalancing

The platform has a built-in Health Check which compares the target asset allocation to the current portfolio. Based on a set of parameters the Health Check calculates the trades that will bring the portfolio as close as possible to the target allocation.

Investment Cockpit

Control: Model portfolios

Custom model portfolios based on various risk classes can be stored in the platform. The model portfolios can then be used to manage the assets of your clients.

Control: Product universe

A list of recommended products can be integrated in the platform. This is then available in the tradable universe in the platform. It is not limited to the markets in the model portfolio but is currently limited to funds and ETFs.

Control: Risk profiling

The risk profiling of clients as used in the client onboarding and the prospect and acquisition tool is controlled in the investment cockpit and can be modified to suit compliance views of the company.

Compliance checks and audit trails

The platform provides a range of built-in compliance and suitability checks based on the client’s risk profile. This analyzes breaches in the portfolio’s overall risk as well as risk concentration in particular markets. Based on the trade recommendation principles described above the platform also stores all client/advisor interactions to provide an audit trail for regulatory purposes.

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